Fascism for the 21st Century

Welcome to Fascism for the 21st Century

What is the basis of modern fascism in the United States?

It is manipulated progressivism.

It is an illusion for the masses.

Facts on Fascism

Fascism thrives on misinformation.

Destroy history and you destroy a nation.  

  1. Truth supports history.
  2. Lies told loudly and often mimic truth.
  3. Truth is the enemy of fascism.
  4. Lies are the foundation of  a fascist movement.
  5. Truth must be removed.
  6. Lies must replace truth.

Fascism opposes personal Freedom and Democracy.

Fascism always results in an authoritarian state.

Fascist leaders disguise themselves as heroes of the people.

Grassroots demonstrations are funded by wealthy fascists.

Who really paid for your sign, lunch and bus ride?

Ask who may gain from your support.

Billionaires who stay billionaires do not have your interests at heart.

Fascism hides and deifies itself.

Fascism ultimately destroys

  1. Free thinking
  2. Personal choice
  3. Those it claimed it was helping
  4. Those who incubated it with their support.
  5. Opportunity for all but the uber wealthy.
  6. Name the top 5 US Billionaires.


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Fascism In The USA

Fascism loves the people who support it.  If you don't support it fascism will mindlessly smash your statues .

Just like the Taliban.

Fascism for the 21st Century